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How to save money advertising online

How to save money advertising online. has the answers to save you money.
Using our plan, you could save hundreds, even thousands of dollars on advertising. Not overall, but each month! ShopIowaOnline has spent countless man hours coming up with this advertising plan and for lack of a better word, it's phenomenal!
The plan to save your advertising dollar.
The plan is simple. Advertise as much as you can digitally, and as little as possible in print and media. Sounding strange so far? Here is how it all works.
The average small business spends nearly $775 dollars a month on advertising.

  • Small publication advertising = $75.00. This usually gets you a small one inch by one inch ad in a free local circular. Typical return is less than 5 sales.
  • Direct Mailing through 3rd party = $300. For $300, they print coupons, stuff them in an envelope and mail them to consumers that aren't even in your zone. This is the one that usually gets thrown out right away. Click here for more info on that. The typical return on this form of advertising is less than 20 sales.
  • Major Newspaper = $400. This is probably your best source of advertising at the moment. Most people read the paper and the rest use it as a source for local savings. Well, in a weakened economy and as digital gets bigger, major newspaper companies are starting to go under or have to charge more for printing ads than they used to. Depending on your business and the seasons, you can get a good response from this form of advertising but it's not usually repetitive.

So as you can see, small businesses that advertise like this cost themselves more than they are earning in these traditional methods. It's heartbreaking.
There are even smaller businesses than small businesses. ???
There are businesses out there that are even smaller than those we just discussed above. These smaller guys don't even have the $775 dollar budget to advertise with. They are doing what they can by word of mouth and repeat business. We think it's terrible and it's no way to get ahead. But it's not their fault you see, most people don't even know these smaller businesses exist because they don't advertise, they don't have a website and nobody has ever told you about them. Well, for these guys, has the help you've been waiting for. Keep reading for the big plan!
Big business advertising online.
We're not even going to get into the bigger businesses advertising budgets. They are way too scary to even think about. Remember this you big businesses out there, you can also save money by utilizing's new form of local advertising.
We call it, Shop Iowa Online, save you money, earn you money plan.
An advertising company that saves you money and earns you money, get outta here?
Here it is, the plan. The save you money while it earns you money advertising plan!

  • Register with Register
  • Choose the type of membership you feel comfortable with. Remember, featured membership is only $60.00 per year!
  • Add all your business information to your listing. It's very easy and only takes as long as you want it to take.
  • Request your own coupons. We save trees here. Go Green.

So what you've just done is paid a very lite $60.00 dollar fee. For that $60.00 dollars you've created a website for your business that you can upload images, documents, menus, fliers, specials, and whatever else you want to display to the internet. Not just the internet, but the local internet. You see, is a site that only displays search results that are relevant to the users specified search area. You've also gained a platform to inform your consumers of your daily operations, hour changes,your payment methods, closings and more! If you don't have a website, you do now and if you do have a website , your listing will link to your existing website.
We also display Google map and driving directions. It's a full scale website all for only $60.00 dollars per year.
Now, no more paying 3rd parties to print, stuff and mail your coupons because you can create your own coupons right on our website. You can even put your bar code on the coupon!
So, we toss the small circular ads out and save $75 dollars. We cut out the 3rd party coupon mailer altogether and save $300 bucks and place a small ad in the major newspaper for like $100-$200 dollars. A simple ad that tells your customers to find your coupons and other valuable information on Before you know it, ShopIowaOnline will be the only form of advertising you will need.
So, your monthly advertising cost just went from $775 dollars to under $300 dollars in a matter of minutes. Now you could save the money, or you could invest in other forms of advertising for even more exposure. We firmly believe that we developed a very unique platform for every business out there to use as a form of advertising to inform their local customers of all that is going on in your world.
The pay it forward advertising plan.
Share the advertising cost with all the other businesses in your area.
Here is the even better part about our advertising. Since we hope to have all the businesses around sign up for our service, you will all share in the advertising cost of letting consumers know that has the resources they are used to finding in the falling traditional methods of advertising. It will become natural for a web user to do their Sunday coupon clipping, or in our case, printing, on
Give it a shot; if you aren't happy with our service, you're only out $60.00 bucks. No other form of advertising can say that. Can you imagine your local radio rep saying, "oh, you didn't get any business from the ad you ran that I promised you results on, it's okay, you're only out $60.00 bucks! Heck no! You'd be out hundreds, even thousands. That goes double for TV spots.
We hope you give us a shot, it's a solid "pay it forward" plan and we hope you find it worthwhile.

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