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Going Green

Go Green advertising your business online.

Advertising your business over the internet has more benefits now than it ever did.

  • It cuts back on printing advertisements and coupons on paper
  • No more wasted ink from massive press machines clogging up our airways with wasted resources.
  • Prevents landfills from filling up because there isn't as much trash from annoying circulars.

And the list goes on and on.....

How can you help the environment by advertising online?

This is actually a very easy question to answer. Think about how many advertisements you get in the mail or in your newspaper or on the windshield of your car. Now think about all the paper and ink and resources it took to create that paper advertisement.
Now think about how many of those you actually keep compared to the number you toss in the trash.

If you advertised online, there wouldn't be as much trash because nobody has to print anything unless they intend to use it. That means, no wasted paper, which means, less trash and less forest destruction. That's a two in one!

Become a green business and protect the environment.

A green business is one that strives to be environmentally friendly. One that chooses to go beyond normal operations to overcome the threat our planet is facing. A green business will adopt and inherit its own positive work flow to create a more safe and Eco friendly atmosphere.

There is a value to becoming a green business.

What that value is, is pretty clear. Nobody, not even a well known, respected business wants to be part of the global warming problem. Even though no actual proof has ever been submitted about humans being directly to blame for global warming, it should still be a practice of all to better our ways so we don't become that problem.

In today's market place, consumers are aware of who's green and who isn't.They make television shows, movies and have all kinds of documentary's, explaining in great detail, on how one can become green in today's technical world.

Going green in a down economy

Taking a hard look and answering tough questions about a business practices can save lots of dough. According to NRDC, Bank of America reduced the weight of its ATM receipts from 20 pounds to 15 pounds, saving paper, transportation,and storing and handling costs, to the tune of $500,000 a year.

Despite recent economic woes, consumer demand for environmentally-aligned products is not slowing. According to the BCG report: "The continuing expansion of green consciousness around the world presents a huge opportunity for smart companies¦The business case for green remains compelling,especially in a tough market."

Environmental Defense Fund and Frost & Sullivan conducted a survey of energy efficient business leaders in December 2008 on the topic of renewable energy and energy efficient products and services. Of 500 respondents, 42% said their sales have increased over the past one to two years and an equal number said that their sales have remained the same (42%).

While economic recessions are difficult, they also provide a window for new business ventures and an opportunity to establish a new position within the market. Resources become more affordable, human resources are more abundant, and customers become more willing to reconsider suppliers and consider alternative products. This is a great time to go green and position a business as an environmental leader.

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